What can Group FND Do to Help You?

i. We design and develop the best tailored Salesforce architecture for your company to make the most of SalesForce,

ii. We provide strategic and applied technical knowledge on customization and development of the application,

iii. We build seamless integrations among  ERP softwares, 

iv. With our Account Based Marketing we help you find new leads, new opportunities and keep your sales team on track.

How Group FND can help?

With our Solution Partners:

  • Integrate CRM to Accounting, build your Datawarehouse or pre-pare for Big Data,

  • Replicate Salesforce into your Database or BigData store for Datawarehousing Backup, Archive or Compliance,

  • Reduce Double Data Entry and improve visibility across your Departments or Line of Business,

  • Replicate your Cloud Data to your Datawarehouse - On-Premise, Cloud - AWS RedShift, BigData and More,

  • Help you decrease back-office spend by systematically improving enterprise efficiency via modelling, automating, measuring and refining processes,

  • Create innovative business apps to improve your customer's experience,

  • Connect SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications. Instantly infuse intelligence into any business process,

  • Create new APIs from any existing enterprise application or data. Combine them with external APIs to launch innovative new solutions,

  • Sync of your Contacts and Tasks between Your Inbox and Salesforce without an add-in installation,

  • Deliver robust B2B commerce technology built natively on Salesforce,

  • Help your sales, marketing and service teams achieve closer alignment, and work smarter with mobile, AI-powered Sales Enablement Automation platform,

  • Designing sales territories that balance revenues, work and travel time, which helps your company to have more manageable territories, more motivated sales reps, and higher sales performance, 

  • Enable your sales team with competitive intelligence which would increase their wins,

  • Help your sales team to sell more and stay compliant through regular short quizzes and micro-learning feeds with a gamified platform.

Our implementation partners are here to help you